Santorini, Greece

Our trip to Greece could not have been more perfect. We spent our days on the water in an 18th-century sailing ship and swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Amoudi Bay. We dined on the most delicious Greek food and flavorful wines.

On our first day, we went on the Bella and Thalassa tour that took us around the Aegean Sea, onto the Volcano of Santorini, into the lukewarm hot springs, and into the bay to watch the remarkable sunset. We tried Ouzo on the rocks while we ate traditional Greek appetizers.

After our truly unforgettable day, we arrived back into the port and rode donkeys up the 400-foot cliffs that encompass this island’s scenery. We made our way to Alexander’s Boutique, where we were spending the night and had a late dinner at a local, family-owned restaurant. We finished off the night drinking all types of local wines and liquors and relaxing in the cool, refreshing air. The island was truly our own private paradise.


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