“Traveling” in a Post Coronavirus World

Among the countless issues Covid has presented in 2020 one impact a lot of travelers have been talking about is “What will traveling […]

Traveling with Entrepreneurs & Remote Workers – GoWorking: Miami

One of the beautiful things about being self employed is the ability to work from nearly anywhere around the globe. As long as […]

India – A Place of Incredible People, Delicious Food, and a Massive Culture Shock!

When people first ask me about my trip to India, I immediately start by describing the experience as a massive culture shock for […]

Landing Tickets to Red Rocks *SOLD OUT ILLENIUM SHOW*

Wow! Where can we start with this incredible trip? First was landing an invite to the pre-sale Facebook group where they gave us […]

Interlaken, Switzerland

For our first adventure through Europe, we chose the unbelievably beautiful destination of Switzerland. The fact that we would stand in luscious green […]

Barcelona, Spain: “All Because We Flipped a Coin”

The fact that all of us actually made it to visit this wonderful country is simply baffling! With a French air strike, nearly […]

Santorini, Greece

Our trip to Greece could not have been more perfect. We spent our days on the water in an 18th-century sailing ship and […]

Meet the Staff

Well, now that we have a few articles and photographs posted, we figured we should tell you a little bit about us here […]

Summary of Our Trip [In Map Form]

Now that we’ve mentioned a few of our trips, we figured it’s time to give you a better understanding of our trips. Here […]